This week I have been working on my essay for contextual studies. My essay is about narratives and whether we can argue photography as being the media which dominates narrative telling. This links to my practise nicely because my practise is focused around narration and how I can tell the story of my travels through my works. I have looked at a variety of books such as;

Cornelia Parker by Iwona Blazwick

Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag

Picture Theory by W.J.T Mitchell

In addition to this I have taken out a lot of books on architecture which hold similar theories as Koolhaas in Delirious New York. I am yet to read these books in depth and make notes on them.

Furthermore, I had my formative assessment feedback this week with Andrew. In my report I was pleased to see that my context folder was strong, containing good notes and secondary research. However I was frustrated to read a comment that mentioned having no sketchbook. During A Level at school, all of our work was created in a sketch book and we were restricted a little to the size of the book. In college for my foundation degree, we were encouraged not to use sketchbooks for this very reason. Now that I am at degree level, I work using what ever size I feel is best for the individual piece of work and I document on this blog every day. So in response to this comment on my feedback sheet, I decided to bring in my portfolio folder and to organise my work on to larger sheets to form a sketchbook structure. Pictures show below;

Other –

Organised to see the head of fine art to discuss elements of my proposal feedback

I had a writing and learning centre appointment this week to discuss my esasy

10 minute session with James G, discussing my essay feedback

Organised to meet the coordinator for the Alzheimer’s society in Bath/ volunteering

Year Group Meeting

Peer Mentees contacted and welcomed back to University