Today’s Schedule;

10.30-12.30= Drawing

12.30-1= Break

1-1.30= Samples for sand piece

1.30-4= Drawing

4.4.30= Blogging

4.30-5= Drawing

5-7= Break

7-8= Filling out health forms for Alzheimer’s Society volunteering and reading through documents sent to me

8-10= Writing up notes for my context folder and putting them in



I am nearly finished drawing out the parliament building. I have drawn it out quicker than anticipated which is really good. When I am done I am going to cover it with a thin paper and quickly colour in the dark areas to see what it looks like. Then it will be ready to apply the sand to.

Below are some photos of the samples I very quickly did today in between drawing;

Below are some progress photos of my drawing; (difficult to see on here but I am nearly finished)

As I may have previously mentioned, I am volunteering with the RUH/ Alzheimer’s Society. I applied for this last term and got offered the position to be a side by side volunteer. This would be something I do once a week, hopefully for the rest of the time I am living in Bath. For this position, I had to complete a number of online modules which are listed below. In addition to this, I have been sent documents I must read through and acknowledge and I have health forms to fill out to ensure I am safe to be on the ward. I have put all my notes on this in a folder.

·         Dementia Modules 1-7

·         Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

·         Data Protection 2017

·         Personal Safety

·         Practical Health and Safety

·         Prevent