Today’s Schedule;

10.30-12= Working with a professional camera and the photography technicians to make replicas of my large drawing of the parliament building

12-1= Break

1-2= Continuing with making replicas of the parliament building

2-2.30= Tutorial with Will Kendrick

2.30-4= Working on essay for contextual studies

4-5= Break

6-7= Appointment with the writing and learning centre

7-10= Interrailing planning



After the cross year crit I had with John and other students, it was advised that I make copies of the drawing that I had made of the parliament building so I could experiment more without worrying that I would ruin the original drawing. As the drawing is too big to simply photocopy, I had to take a professional, high resolution photograph of the work in order to make copies. Initially, I tried taking the photos myself in my studio, but because I am on the balcony and the light that goes in to my studio is not natural, I was photographing a lot of shadows and seeing the drawing was very difficult. So I went to the technicians and they took me upstairs to a photography studio to take a better photo. After this, we went through the different types of paper that I could print the drawing on to and we edited the photograph of the work, increasing the contrast etc. The prints should be ready by tomorrow morning.

I also had a tutorial with Will today, who studied at Bath Spa previously. I feel like I have had a lot of tutorials lately and I am finding it progressively harder to talk about my work. I feel like I have valid reason for why I create what I do and getting this across is somewhat frustrating. However, Will was really interested in what I had to say, he looked at all of my work including a few pieces that are on my website, and I also asked a few more questions about the work that he produces. It was good talking to Will and it’s always good to hear other peoples opinions on my work. He implied that the sand piece covered up the drawing and that I should make sure that I don’t lose that element which is clearly important to me.

As I had a writing and learning centre appointment tonight, I wanted to make sure I was prepared, so I went through my essay a final time before going.

The writing and learning centre appointment was so helpful. They always are ! I aim to get this submitted first thing on submission day.

As my work is motivated by travel and architecture, I have decided to go interrailing this summer coming up. This is also simply for my own pleasure, but I am going in corporate the trip in to my practise as well. I will be travelling with two of my close friends and we will be visiting a number of places in Europe such as Amsterdam, Paris, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland etc. I also spoke to the technicians in photography about DSLR cameras. I want to make sure I have a good camera before I leave which I can take good photographs of architecture and work that inspire me. It was advised I go for a 20mm lense and to focus on the lense more than the camera body.