Today’s Schedule;

10-10.30=Collecting the photography prints of my drawing (£15 spent on 3 copies, one copy was better quality paper and the other two were on thin normal paper)

10.30-1= Experimenting with the copies of the drawing

1-2= Year group meeting about professional practise

2-6= Experimenting with the copies of the drawing

6-7= Break

7-9= Working on essay, making changes that were suggested in my writing and learning centre appointment




Photos of the copies;

Photos of the experiments;

Paper, sand and a mixture of Impasto Gel 1 and Medium 1 glue


I am happy with how clear the copies of the work came out. The image is very easy to see. I didn’t think about the colour of the image, there is a lot of grey space in the background, I would have preferred this to be white. However, as it is just a tester, I am fine with it. But I definitely need to change the background of the piece.

I don’t like the way the sand looks on the paper, it sits well and sticks well, but it looks messy and the cheapness of the paper ruins the effect. However, I did learn that I need to get some better applicators to put the glue on to the page because some of the really detailed bits, I struggled to do neatly and stick to the lines. I really want to do this with the sand on to metal. However, I am conscious that metal is very expensive.