Today’s Schedule;

Today I worked on my essay for contextual studies

5-6= Year meeting with Camilla



In the year group meeting today, we discussed our professional practise module. Camilla spoke about the walcot chapel and the opportunity that is available to us to exhibit there. As I did an exhibition at the end of last term, I have decided not to take part in this. I think developing my practise and reading to improve my context folder is more important at the moment.

Furthermore, we discussed the presentations that we are required to give at the end of term. It is my understanding that the presentations must be 10 minutes long and based on our practise. Camilla suggested that it is a very relaxed presentation. No specific structure or way of doing it was advised. Making sure we have a balance of context and practise spoken about is important. We may also read from a script, or simply have note cards to refer to.