Today’s Schedule;

10-12= Visit to the centre of town to pick up materials

12-12.30= Buying a sheet of metal for my sand piece

12.30-1= Break

1-4= Covering the aluminium sheet in carbon paper, transferring image on to the aluminium

4-5= Break

5-6= Presentation work


Today I had a really good day. In town I bought 6 applicator pots that I can fill with glue to apply to the aluminium sheet. I also bought a tiny paintbrush to help me paint the glue in to detailed areas (on my tester pieces, the sand is applied very messily because I did not have a fine enough brush to hand). Further, I bought some black ink to dye my sand to make it a little darker. I dyed it on friday but as it has dried it has turned in to quite a light grey colour. I think it will be difficult to see on the metal, so I have made it darker.

My aluminium sheet is 115cm x 69cm. I have left a 5cm boarder around the edge in case I decided to frame it.

Below are some photographs of my progress;