Today’s Schedule:

10.30- 3.30= working on sand/ aluminium sheet piece

3.30-4.30= break

4.30-5= updating blog

5-6= presentation work

6-7= break

7-9= presentation work


Today I started filling in the gaps in my drawing on the aluminium sheet. It started off quite well, but then I began to become frustrated with the sand. It seems that the sand sticks to the aluminium sheet without an adhesive, which requires me to brush off the excess sand each time I do a part of the drawing. This is not a problem and will not effect the final look of the piece, however I have to make sure that the part have just done is dry before brushing off the excess sand, otherwise it spreads across the sheet, and the image becomes distorted.

Another complication I  have found so far, is I am having to put two layers of sand on to the metal, otherwise parts of the metal shine through the parts where sand has been applied. Without doing two layers, it looks quite messy and it’s hard to make out the shapes in the sand.

Below is a quick video I took to show the process of brushing the sand off, the sand is quite static and is hard to get off the metal. Despite this, I do like the way it looks on the metal, but I think I need to do more of it to determine how it will look as a whole. My aim is to have it finished by the end of next week.

Progress photographs: