Today’s Schedule;

11-3= Working on aluminium sand piece

3-3.30= Break

3.30-5= Working on aluminium sand piece

5-6= Break

6-6.30= Blogging



Progress photographs;

So far I am happy with how this piece is progressing. My aim is to have it finished before my crit next friday 9th. Hopefully I will have it finished earlier !

I am having a few concerns;

  • the sand may not stay stuck to the metal for as long as I want. Some parts have brushed off very easily, so when it is finished I need to use a fixative that wont destroy the metal
  • some of the areas I have applied sand are a little messy. The intricate areas are very difficult to fill in using a paint brush, I think I need to look in to buying an applicator for the glue for my next piece
  • there are quite a lot of hair line scratches on the bottom of the aluminium sheet where I have been brushing the excess sand off the surface of the metal sheet. I am hoping this wont be too visible at the end