Today’s Schedule;

10-11= Selecting image for new sand piece, printing off and gridding up the photo

11-12= Bought a large sheet of paper and gridded it up. The image will be around 80 x 60cm

12-1= Year group meeting

1-1.30= Looking for metal technician (could not find him so I need to remember to buy the aluminium sheet tomorrow morning)

1.30-3= Break

3-4.30= Finishing reading articles

4.30-5= Updating blog

5-6= Updating CV

6-7= Writing up Visiting artist lecture notes, printing and putting in to context folder

7-8= Break

8-9= Working on Indexhibit/ new website for professional practise



to do;

  • write artist statement
  • organise practical work
  • find out a way of hanging aluminium works
  • finish second aluminium work
  • finish transferring website to indexhibit
  • write up exhibition notes
  • update external project folder- print out notes, application forms, photos of exhibitions etc.
  • buy white spirit
  • label practical work and printed blogs