What I have done;

  • Following on from my practise before easter, I decided to trial making a second artwork using aluminium. Below are some images which show the process of drawing the image on to the sheet of metal.

Drawing out the image-


Transferring the image on to the metal using carbon paper-

When it came to applying sand to the metal, I had some difficulties. Previously, when I made my other metal piece of the parliament building, I used sample glues which were sent to me by Ap Fitzpatrick in London. The glues were a lot stronger and were thicker in substance. Due to the price of these glues being so high, I wanted to try using pva glue, to see if I could still make the same effect. However, the glue simply wasn’t strong enough to hold the sand, it peeled off the metal very easily and because pva is more watery, it made the sand spread and when the sand dried, the image became distorted. Therefore, I have decided to rethink what I will do with this piece of metal. At least I have learned what adhesives are the best to use and which are not.

Below are some photographs- it took me 3 hours to apply the sand, and it peeled off within 10 minutes of drying;

I also have learned that sieving the sand before applying through a plastic applicator is a lot more effective. When I dyed the play sand with the ink, clumps of sand were formed. By sieving these lumps out, the sand runs a lot smoother through the applicator and it means I can apply the sand a lot quicker because the applicator does not get blocked. I made my own sieve out of a cardboard cup.. (left mine at home !)

  • Furthermore, I have continued to work on my context folder. I have written an artist statement, organised and written up all notes from lectures and exhibition visits
  • All blog notes are printed as hard copies and organised in to a folder. Hopefully this will make it easier for examiners to see how each work was developed
  • During my easter break, I was asked by a friend from Southampton University to assist her with her project for her final year. She is a fashion stylist who has taken lots of shoots for a book that she is making. My job was to illustrate one of the photographs that she took. I did this in order to strengthen my professional practise module and to simply try something new. Below are some photographs of the works. I have scanned some of them in and some have been photographed using a dslr;
  • I also visited 2 galleries in London and I went to Barcelona to gain more material for future artworks.

I visited the national gallery- monet and architecture exhibition

I also visited the tate modern gallery- picasso exhibition

I visited the national gallery in Barcelona and photographed as much of the architecture as I could. I took over 300 photographs. Below are some of the key images I took-

  • I have also been reading as much as I can on narratives in order to support my dissertation proposal- notes are in my context folder