Today’s Schedule;

8:30-9= Moving into third year studios- I am very happy with my studio space this year. However, I do prefer to work in a more confined space, therefore I am going to look into hanging a curtain up to give myself some more privacy. I like to have a combination of working independently and in a group.

9-10:30= Final Studies lecture

10:30-12= Drawing in the studio-

Today I started my first piece, which is of the Duomo in Florence. This is a building which I visited over the summer and I am focusing mainly on the Renaissance dome, highlighting the stunning patterns which hug it. It’s beauty and size have really inspired me to use this in my work. I am drawing the dome using pencils and fine liners which I will then develop using alternative materials. Below is a photograph of the progress:

Duomo drawing 1

12-12:30= Break

12:30-2:30= Drawing in the studio-

Duomo drawing

2:30-4= Writing a Negotiated Work Proposal

Today I have been trying to gather my thoughts in preparation for my first tutorial with my tutor on Thursday. I have been working on my negotiated work proposal for a few days.

4-5= Break

5-6:30= Writing up research on artists/ exhibitions:

  • Kathy Prendergast
  • Eduardo Chillida
  • Europe exhibitions/ gallery visits

6:30-7:30= Working on MA Application for an Art Therapy course

To do;

  • dissertation draft/ prep for tutorial on wednesday
  • MA application
  • Go over Negotiated Work proposal again
  • Continue working on drawing of the dome
  • Organise a gallery visit day