Today’s Schedule;

10-11:30= Volunteering at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. As I am an aspiring art therapist, working with vulnerable people in a clinical setting is crucial for a Masters application in art therapy. I do this every week, in hope that it will be a great support for my application.

11:30-12= Break

12-3= Worked on my 5000 word essay draft in preparation for my tutorial. I printed off/ photocopied all of my relevant research and tried to revise a plan. I want to look at drawing in relation to Bachelard’s book The Poetic’s of Space, and compare drawing as a material for approaching relationships with spaces/ buildings, to other materials. I will argue that drawing is the most effective method, in support of my own practise

3-3:30= Break

3:30-4= Conversation with my tutor about my final essay. A new tutorial has been organised for next Thursday, to go into more detail

4-6= For the rest of my afternoon I continued working on my drawing of the Duomo in Florence. With recognition that I have been taking a very long time on this piece, I decided to cut it down in size and keep it as a sample. I want to experiment with further materials. I know that I can draw well but I want to find out what more I can do with the skills I have developed with other materials. Below is a photograph of the drawing;

Duomo drawing 3.jpg