Today’s Schedule;

9-12= I created some sample pieces of work in my sketchbook of the Duomo in Florence. I experimented using acrylic paint, acetate, and fine liner. I really like the idea of layering photographs, drawings, paintings etc. over the top of each other. I really want to do a detail drawing of a building, lay acetate over the top, and highlight certain areas with paint. I really loved using aluminium last year, I think it gave a great quality to the work, so I will use similar drawing techniques to last year to create a drawing, and then experiment with it. Below are some photographs of the samples;

12-1= Break

1-2:30= Interview- in order to make my work with materials such as aluminium, I am looking for a paid job

2:30-3:30= Updating negotiated work proposal form

3:30-4= Organising accommodation for my art therapy course in Southampton. To support my application to Chester University, I have paid to do a 5 day art therapy foundation course. The first 2 days will involve lectures and talks based on the course, followed by 3 days of workshops. This is the URL to the foundation description: