Today’s Schedule;

7-8= Gym

10-10:30= meeting with Robin Marriner concerning my final study essay. It was concluded that the topic I have chosen is suitable but to place more emphasis on drawing rather than looking at other artists. Below are a few points I need to remember;

  • Analyse don’t describe
  • Make sure I show an understanding of other subjects around that area- lightly refer to other theorists, show an awareness
  • Use Bachelard as a main theorist to branch from, along with using drawing as the main focus/ 1 artist (Kathy Prendergast) as the main person to draw upon throughout the essay

10:30-3= Studio time, finished my drawing of the Duomo/ I had a tutorial with Rosie Snell. Point from the tutorial;

  • why spend so much time drawing the image as opposed to using a photograph?- I had never thought about this.. for me I think the drawing element allows me to analyse the space in greater detail, however I do see now that I could simply sit and look at the image, I don’t specifically have to draw it. Rosie suggested that I start using a projector for my work which would allow me to draw images a lot quicker. Initially I felt this would mean that I would be cheating/ being unfaithful to drawing which I have loved for so long, but I have come to realise that because I have been spending so much time drawing in a meticulous, laborious way, I have limited my opportunity to experiment. Therefore, tomorrow I am going to take out a projector and draw the image from that so that it is accurate, saves time, and to see if it does bother me or not that it is traced in a sense. I suppose when the viewer would see the final image on metal, they would not know that I had drawn it before, it is best to cut out the lengthy process of drawing it.
  • Perhaps keep a sketchbook of experiments/ accurate drawings, less time consuming
  • Think about the materials I am going to use, magnets perhaps could work well? as opposed to sand
  • Pigments- rich, dark pigments, hard to control or draw with?

Below is an image of the final drawing;


4-5= break/ appointment elsewhere

5-5:30= Blogging