Today’s Schedule;

7:30-8:30= Gym

9-12= Updating context folder/ reading for final study essay:

  • Cy Twombly- looking at the artists drawing, and the way he uses drawing to approach certain topics
  • Jerwood Drawing Prize
  • Architecture as space- Bruno Zevi, definitions of space and the relationship with archtecture. Lots of content found in here to appose my opinions in my essay
  • Patrick Hughes Perverspective- John Slyce, looking at light and dark, inside and outside spaces, links to Elizabeth Grosz

12-1= Break

1-3= Writing for dissertation

3-3:30= Break

3:30-5= Visiting artist lecture

5-8= Working on aluminium piece of the Duomo. Photos can be seen below;

Note: do not use graphite paper to transfer images onto metal, use carbon paper!! The graphite paper did not work, and is more expensive.

Tomorrow, I will begin to add the sand on to the sheet of aluminium. As this is a practise piece, I am not going to worry about mounting the work. I know for works that I am going to display for exhibitions, I will use a wood mount to attach to the back which I will need to stick on to the  metal before I add the sand.