Today’s Schedule;

10-4:30= Studio practise, working on my aluminium and sand piece

4:30-5= Blogging

(Felt ill today- struggled !!)

Below is a photograph of the work;


I really like how this piece is coming along, however I am concerned that it has taken me a long time. I am very glad that I chose to trace this piece !!

Below are just a couple of images of the sand which has collected underneath the aluminium. I began to make marks in the sand, I really like this effect ! Perhaps something to revisit…

For as long as I can remember, I have had very vivid dreams nearly every night. I have been through various periods of being curious about them. For a few months I decided to record my dreams in a diary by writing down what I could remember. However, the dreams are always nightmares, as opposed to seemingly odd things. Therefore, I found it very difficult to keep on repeating what happened in the dreams and recalling them so vividly so I stopped a couple of years ago.

After completing the Art Therapy foundation course, I am starting to think maybe drawing my dreams may help me to process them, and may stop them from affecting the way I think for a while. So this morning I decided to draw what I dreamed. Below there is a picture;


I do not wish to share what my dream was, because it is very personal, and many things that I dream do not replicate how I really feel. But I am happy to show the recollection through drawing. Over time, I hope to see some sort of pattern or understanding of why I am thinking these things.

Working in this way also allows me to explore a different body of materials and allows me to experiment without worrying about aesthetic appeal.