Today’s Schedule;

10-2= Working on sand/ aluminium piece

2-3= Break

3-3:30= Practical work

3:30-4:30= Tutorial with Jenny

In my tutorial we discussed the work I have been doing outside of University. For instance, I have been volunteering with the elderly in the RUH for a number of months now, and I have contacted my coordinator about possibly introducing art into my one to one sessions with patients. After the art therapy foundation week, I have since been hugely inspired to use my artwork with others, and I am interested in how other people respond to certain materials and imagery.

Further, I have organised to take part in an exhibition in December, so I have the chance to collaborate with others.

What I have taken from the tutorial;

  • The topic of the subconscious and the unconscious- dreams (I am going to continue to use my dreams as a way into my unconscious thoughts by drawing what I remember)
  • How can I introduce others into the work- how can they experience what I am experiencing? Perhaps run a workshop?
  • Look into Ellie Shipman and Mark Wallinger
  • Focus on the doing- experience= after talking to Jenny about my experience on the art therapy foundation week, It came across that I was particularly interested in the sensory materials which were spoken about on the course. It is interesting that I chose to use such sensory, tactile materials in my own practise. I think this plays a big part in my work

Below are some photographs of my aluminium piece as it has progressed. Very near to finishing !! I am hoping to exhibit this piece in my exhibition in December in Bath;