Today’s Schedule;

10- 11= Dissertation work

11-12= Discussion with personal dissertation tutor regarding my final study

12-3= dissertation work

3-3:30= tutorial

3:30-6:30= Practical work. Images can be seen below;

The piece above is made using a board and ink. To make this I printed out 4 A4 images which fit together to make this image (below). I had intended on making a photo transfer, therefore I stuck the photographs face down on the board using pva glue. However, when I went to take the tape off which held the edges of the image down, the photos on paper peeled off the board in one and an inky remain of the image was left on the board. I have never had this happen before ! I really want to use this effect again but on a larger scale because it was so quick.

I like the trace left on the board, it sits almost like a faint memory, which reflects my memory of visiting.

The image used is a photograph I took when I visited Milan over summer;


Above are two images showing an exercise I set  myself. From time to time, I like to do something very different to what I am used to creating to see if I learn anything new. This time, I cut out images of different spaces, which I found in art magazines, and placed them together in an obscure and confusing composition. The images didn’t really fit together, but the tones were similar enough to confuse your mind. From this composition, I drew a new space based on the collage. It was interesting seeing how the space transformed into one by combining them. Simplifying a space to a matter of lines completely changes the way you see a work. Sometime leaving out detail can be interesting


Another experiment with magazines, making a landscape out of multiple landscapes- magazine images- places I have not visited and had no connection with. I enjoyed this a lot less than drawing images of places that I had visited. I think this was because I had no memory or reference to work from, I ground to a halt with it ! (Above)

Finally, I used a sheet of perspex which I took out of a photoframe and used a thick black perminent marker to draw this. I was interested to see how the image would change when placed on multiple backgrounds. Working on perspex, or something clear like glass was suggested to me in my last group critique with my tutor group. I would like to explore using this further- I did not like the pen on the surface, I think something with more texture, like wood shavings, dust, or even carving into the perspex would be a lot more engaging