Today’s Schedule;

9:30-11= Rearranging studio space- today I have changed my studio space and bought a large paper roll to cover my wall. I have had lots of ideas about materials that I want to experiment with and I have wanted to work on a larger scale. Also the techniques that I have been using so far involving aluminium and sand are very time consuming. I want to spend some time producing lots of experimental pieces, and immersing myself in the materials

I have purchased some black tape to use for my first experiment. I am going to use the same image that I used for the black sand and aluminium piece- I really like the bold lines and the way the perspective is a little warped from the lines

After, I am hoping to gather some

10:30-11:30= Tutorial with Kate about my artist statement for this year

The overall feedback for my statement was good, however there are some points to think about;

  • Reference more contemporary artists- I have spoken about theorists but not as many artists
  • Talk about the scale of the works I produce, is the size important?
  • Add more detail on what the actual works look like, are they very different, is there a theme? be more specific
  • Look into David Adjaye- disruption in architecture
  • What am I showing to the viewer? think about where the work will hang, how much they see
  • Rhythms in architecture
  • Krauss- grids
  • Engage- art therapy conferences/ talks

11:30-12= working on artist statement

12-1:15= Dissertation work

1:15-1:30= Take out projector and set up

1:30-3:30= Drawing projected image in black tape

Progress photos below;


I really loved making this work- I really enjoyed using my whole body and immersing myself in the work. Aesthetically, I do not like the look of the final piece, but I enjoyed the process and I think that it really took me back to how overwhelmed I felt by the scale of the building when I visited it.

3:30-5= Visiting artist talk Ehryn Torrell

5-7= Break

7-8= Dissertation work

8-9= Drawing using chocolate on glass. (inspired by Muniz)

Images below;

  • surprisingly easy material to use- as the chocolate cooled, it allowed me to create really thin lines with the chocolate
  • I did have to reheat the chocolate a few times as it began to set
  • I like the tones that you get from using chocolate as paint- different tones of browns etc.
  • The material shines really beautifully through the glass- the image changes depending on where it is held which I really like
  • Disruption