9-10= Chasing the plastics technician, asking about the different types of clear plastic available to buy. In the end I purchased three A1 sheet of thin, flexible plastic. I chose the cheapest sheets possible as it is purely for experimenting with

10-1= Drawing my first small sketch on to an A1 sheet of paper. From this, I can lay the sheet of plastic on top of the drawing and paint on the image quickly

1-2= Break

2-6= Painting the first image onto the plastic, took longer than anticipated !

Photos below;

I am really happy with how the work has come through, I might bring my Nikon in and photograph the drawing with different backgrounds, it could be really interesting to see how different images behind the work affect how the street is seen. Playing with perspectives !

Black acrylic paint used, much more immersive on a larger scale

A trace of a point in time/ an experience