Today’s Schedule;

9:30-10- Tutorial with Robin- dissertation discussion

10-10:45- Tutorial with Steve Dutton

  • Discussed where my work is heading towards. In this this tutorial we both agreed that my work is becoming more about the viewer and their experience with the work as opposed to my experience with the process. I have created work this is similar to my second year works, I think because I like how the viewers responded to the work. For instance, with the metal and sand piece, people are shocked by the sand and the textures. It draws in the audiences attention.
  • We talked about other ways in which I could involve the viewer to experience- experience the space/ the building/ to feel what I felt when I saw the building
  • Perspectives- using imagery that involves the viewer
  • Discussed artists that build their own environments for viewers to experience- Dan Graham/ Thomas Hirschhorn/ Tino Seghal

I spent the rest of the day researching these artists and trying to think of ways in which I can create an experience for the viewer. I have always loved drawing, I appreciate the technical skill of drawing, this is something that I do not want to lose. Looking at the previous artists mentioned, their work is predominantly sculpture, I want to discover a way of creating an immersive environment using drawing and 2d images.

Perhaps I could draw multiple images of different places I have visited and fill a room with these drawings/ like a combined experience/ quick sketches from interrailing