Today’s Schedule;

9:30-12= Experiments with mylar and acetate sheets-

12-1= Writing and learning centre appointment at Sion Hill

1-1:30= Break

1:30-6= Drawing image and doing some research for my dissertation

Based on the feedback I receive from my tutor, this term I am concentrating on developing the best way to create my sand/ metal pieces. In my first time of third year, I spent a month creating one piece, although I was happy with it, I agree that I could have used my time more efficiently to experiment, if I found a way to make the work quicker. In second year, I began experimenting with making stencils out of mylar sheets and cardboard but the plastic too thin. Therefore, I have decided to revisit this and make a stencil out of thicker plastic.

I did some research, and found a ‘cutting master’ on Amazon. This is a tool that heats to 390 degrees, and can melt through various materials. My goal for this week, is to make a stencil out of acrylic, of a building I photographed in Milan. From the stencil, I can use different materials and surfaces to make experimental works with.

Today I have been spending time selecting a photograph to use, and editing it on photoshop so that the image is simplified. Further, I have spent time drawing the image to the scale of an A1 sheet, so I can place it underneath the plastic and melt the stencil.

  • Elizabeth Grosz architecture from the outside
  • Bruno Zevi architecture as space

Below are some images of the drawing;


– mylar sheets too tin, too flimsy, intricate sections break off

– acetate, again too thin and flimsy

+ mylar sheets are easy to cut into

+ acetate is cheap

  • need to scale up
  • thicker plastic needed, something sturdier but easy to cut into