Today’s Schedule;

9:30-1:30= Using electric cutting master to make my stencil of Milan cathedral. Photos below;

1:30-2= Break

2-3:30= Cutting out the stencil

3:3-5= Visiting artist lecture, David Snoo Wilson

5-6= Cutting out stencil


– really tiny, detailed parts in the plastic were hard to melt and make look neat

– Quite time consuming still, however if this works I should be able to create a lot of experimental pieces from it

+ the cutting master heats up really quickly and melts through the plastic really well

  • Hoping to finish the stencil by the end of the week so I can start experimenting
  • Next time, I might simplify the design even more, to make the cutting out process easier. I could then just fill in detail by hand with sand, if I had a basic shape down