Today’s Schedule;

10-5= studio time, working on my stencil of Milan cathedral. Photos below;



So far I am really happy with how quickly I have been able to make this stencil. Also, the plastic seems to be keeping shape nicely, so I am confident that I will be able to make a few experimental pieces of work from it.

I think I will experiment with sand to begin with, normal undyed sand on paper, just to see if the design does come through neatly.

After, I would like to use saw dust filings, iron filings, dyed sand again, sand on plastic, any materials I have to spare !

I also bought a bulk of Mylar, so I am planning to make some smaller stencils to have a play with. As they are only A4 I will have to use really simple and small designs, but it will be a great way to experiment quickly.