9:30-12= Volunteering at the RUH

12-1= Break

1= Handed in dissertation

1-4= Finishing stencil of Milan and thinking about ideas;

  • could try ironing the plastic after the stencil has been made to flatten it. Because the design is very intricate, as the plastic has been melted, the smaller, thinner parts have become raised and don’t sit flat on the floor. This could cause problems when it comes to transferring an image through it
  • Polish metal, make it like a mirror surface (ask technician to find out if I could do this to aluminium)
  • Spray paint- see if the image transfers before thinking about adding texture/ sand- all about finding the most effective and fastest process at the moment
  • Visit Hobbycraft/ art shops, see if there are glues which would hold the stencil down on the page that would not leave any residue
  • Double sided sticky sheets- with this, I could stick the sticky sheet of plastic onto the unstencilled sheet of plastic, then cut out the image in the plastic, peel off the protector from the sticky plastic so it would stick onto the metal surface, then add the sand etc/ transfer the image. However, would this be reusable? This could end up taking just as long as making the sand piece by hand
  • Do some samples on paper first- white paper, I really like the black sand
  • Dye some black sand using waterproof black ink this time to make sure the sand does not bleed when added to the glue

Photo below of finished stencil;


4-4:30= Blog update