Today’s Schedule;

8:30-11= Experimenting with stencil. Photos below;

1st experiment-

  • This piece was created using a white piece of paper, and black sand. I covered the paper in glue, placed the stencil over the top, and then poured black sand over the top
  • As the stencil did not sit flat, the sand escaped underneath the plastic, and the image looks very warped and messy
  • Next time I need to not put glue all over the surface as well, because the stencil just stuck to the page (as expected) and the stencil became a little ruined and uneven

2nd experiment-

This time I placed the stencil over the paper without covering the paper in glue. Then, painted the glue in the gaps of the stencil, and applied the sand individually. Photos below;

  • This did work, however, I am starting to think that making stencils in this way are not the answer to making my work quicker. This is because the image becomes warped because I have to make connectors in the stencil to ensure it does not fall apart. Furthermore, the image has to be simplified so much that it’s just not what I want the work to look like.
  • I am starting to think this method would be great if I were to make a really simple image on a small scale. However, when working on a larger scale, and using intricate and detailed imagery, it is not the most appropriate method

11-11:30= tutorial with Rosie

  • Sticky vinyl seems like the next best step to take. I am at a point in my practise where I think that doing this by hand is the best method to create these works, I think I am spending a lot of time experimenting on methods that just aren’t working. Although creating the metal pieces are time consuming, I know that it works. My tutor believes that I need to keep experimenting to find the best way to make these works still, and that I am not far from finding a solution

11:30-12:30= Break

12:30-2= Experimenting with black spray paint on paper, just to see if the image would transfer.. also to see if the sand would stick to the spray paint. Images below;

  • 2 layers of spray paint required to get a solid black colour
  • took a while to dry- over night

The final image


  • I really don’t like how the image has come out. It’s not anywhere near as detailed as I want it to be. The plastic has lifted up and caused the edges to be very fuzzy looking
  • Looks like a bad Banksy attempt to me !
  • I either need to scale up massively, or rethink how I am going to make the work

2-2:30- quick experiment on an old mirror


I really love the surface to work on, but the sand definitely needs to be a darker colour (black). A higher contrast is needed