Today’s Schedule;

9-10= Dying black sand- On Friday I bought some waterproof, black ink to dye my sand with. The sand takes a while to dry, so I have decided to do it asap

10-11= Reflection in the studio, spent some time looking at my work, trying to come up with some ideas to try to overcome the problems I have been having.

11-11:30= Blog updates

11:30-12 website work

  • Add images from 12/12/2018 exhibition (1000px wide and 72dpi)- changing size on macs- no mac free- came back to this later on
  • Going over artist statement
  • I want to add an image on the front page of my website- perhaps one of me working in the studio?


  • asked metal technician for pieces of scrap aluminium to make samples with

Stainless steel is the best option to use if I want a more polished finish

Aluminium scratches very easily as well

Buy stainless steel from here:

I’ve contacted about prices and dimensions

I can buy mirror look plastic- quite an expensive option

If I wanted to make a stencil using the laser cutting machine, I would need to learn how to use illustrator etc.

Finding images to use for next piece- research