Today’s Schedule;

9-10= started a drawing of Milan cathedral- fine liner

10-11= prep for group cross year critique- I decided to show my spray paint piece, to see how people reacted to a softer image on paper, as opposed to an image in sand on metal


  • can’t tell that it is sand on the metal- it looks the same as the spray paint, perhaps I should make a piece with either more texture or just black paint
  • scale up
  • be more experimental
  • perspective is really important in the piece- I got a positive response from the Duomo image that I used, because it is very immersive
  • try screenprint?

11-2:30= talking to technicians/ chasing Tim, the plastic technician for a piece of mirrored plastic

I also ordered some more glue from AP Fitzpatrick: 2045/ 2031 glues

Sieved black sand- if it has lumps in it it doesn’t flow through the plastic funnels smoothly

Reading on Anselm Keifer/ making notes

Researching the Duomo and Milan cathedral for inspiration on how to make my next pieces of work (notes in context folder)

2:30- 3:30= Break

3:30-5:30= visiting artist lecture, Doug Fishbone

5:30-6= blog update/ writing up notes from the lecture