Today’s Schedule;

10-1= Volunteering at the RUH

1-2= Break

2-3= Talking to Tim in the plastics workshop, bough a piece of mirrored polystyrene for my next piece. Cost me £23. A piece of mirrored acrylic would have cost over £40- maybe for the degree show I will use this, but for a first attempt I have decided to use a piece of plastic that is cheaper

  • best glue to use for the split batons on the back would be a proxy or a liquid adhesive- slow drying
  • the plastic may scratch very easily- need to bare this in mind as I am using sand- maybe cover the plastic I am not painting glue/ sand onto and blow the sand off the piece rather than brushing it off to avoid hairline scratches

3-3:30= I got some pieces of mirrored polystyrene and practised using the glue and sand on the surface as I was unsure if it would stick as well as it did on the metal. Photo below;

Worked really well !!


3:30-4:30= printed photos for my work- 4 images, different sizes. I have chosen to use an image of the Duomo to paint onto the plastic, dimensions 90×130. I have chosen this image because it has a similar perspective as my last piece which had positive feedback. My aim is to immerse my audience into the piece, with both scale and perspective, to replicate the overwhelming feeling I have experienced in the presence of the building. Image using below;


3:30-4= Experiments with glue and wood backing for split batons- chosen to use a liquid adhesive for the wood

4-6= drawing Milan cathedral- slow process

6-6:30= blog update/ reflection