Today’s Schedule;

10:30-11:30- Putting sand piece on to the wall- unfortunately I discovered that I had made the sand piece on the surface the wrong way around, therefore when it came to hanging, the split batons were the wrong way up and the work could not be hung. Therefore, I had to make another baton and stick it onto the back of the work. I am going to wait for it to dry over night before hanging

11:30-1:30= Working on CV

1:30-2= Break

2-2:30= Working on CV

2:30-3:30= Talking to plastics technician, getting more material for further experiments with volcanic sand.

I got a piece of mirrored acrylic, a lot sturdier than the polystyrene, and a piece of yellow mirrored acrylic


3:30-3:45= Break

3:45-4:30= Careers appointment

4:30-6= Updating CV/ applying for jobs

6-6:15= blogging

6:15-8:30= Break

8:30-9= writing up lecture notes

9-10= working on presentation