Today’s Schedule;

10:30-12= Going over negotiated work proposal form, reminding myself of my focus

Reading through documents on Minerva regarding the presentation next week

12-12:30- choosing images for next piece

Image below;


  • gold background?
  • beautiful ceiling in the Doge’s palace
  • empowers over you
  • I like the lady standing in the window, adds scale, emphasises the size of the space
  • intricate/ detailed/ unmissable
  • gold leaf??

12:30-1= editing image on photo shop ready for printing



1-4= Plastic sampling/ acrylic mirrored boards, normal mirror and yellow mirror. Photos below;


Email plastic technician for plastic to be cut for Monday or Tuesday morning !

Plastic being used=


4-4:30- hanging previous work on the wall

4:30-5:30= Photographing work for presentation

5:30-6:30= Editing photograph sizes for presentation/ compressing