Today’s Schedule;

8:20-9= Photographing Milan Cathedral drawing and editing- taking professional photographs for my website and presentation

9-9:45= Making split batons for my next piece of work (sand on mirrored high impact polystyrene)

9:45-11= Deciding what image to use for my final piece/ I spent time editing images that I took in Venice and deciding what dimensions to make it. I chose to use this image;


  • image that shows my vantage point
  • highly detailed
  • high quality image
  • Venice- my most recent trip

11-11:30= talking to the photography technicians about printing an image. I want lots of people to be able to look at this piece at the same time, I want people to have fun with it, so I have chosen to split the image into 4 pieces, each piece being 90 x 60cm.

11:30-12= break

12-5= transferring image onto new piece of HIPS. I am going to make a test piece out of volcanic sand. Below is the image I have chosen to illustrate;


5-5:15= blog update

5:15-6= break

6-7= started transferring my blog posts onto a work document so that I can print it at the end of the term. My blog posts show the progression of my work really clearly, and I want this to be available to see when marked/ at degree show