Today’s Schedule;

9.30-10= Tutorial

10-12= Working on drawing the parliament building in Budapest

12-12.30= Break

12.30-1= Library, returning and collecting books

1-3.30= Drawing continued

3.30-4.30= Visiting artist lecture, Beth Derbyshire

4.30-5.30= Drawing continued



Currently, I am working on a new piece based on a photograph I took in Budapest. My aim is to illustrate the interest I have on the power and authority that many buildings have. This notion is spoken about in the book Delirious New York. I have written about this in more detail in my context folder. My aim is also to show certain aspects of the buildings history through the media I chose. Previously I have experimented with using salt and sand to create representations of buildings. This time, I will continue to use sand but I am focusing primarily on finding the best technique to create the images.

Previously, I have had problems with using pva glue to stick the sand to the image. So I will be experimenting with different glues to find a slow drying, strong glue. I need the glue to dry slowly to allow time for me to intricately place the sand on to the page in order to represent details. Furthermore, I need the glue to be strong enough to hold the weight of the sand on the page.

I received two types of glue to play with tomorrow. These came from Ap Fitzpatrick in London.

The visiting artist today was really interesting. Beth is a multi media artist who seems to be very involved with the community. She has a particular interest in creating commemorative pieces, and she spoke about a number of works that appear to have been greatly appreciated by the public. I liked that she was very involved with the community. In the future I would love to be an art therapist, so learning about how other practising artists have used their skills to help others is really beneficial to me. Furthermore, her interest in history was similar to mine. Similar to me, I like to research in depth the places that I visit, and represent my travels through the pieces I create.

My tutorial with Andrew was positive. I was recommended to look in to the narrative works by George Crewdson and I was told again… to have more confidence in my work.

Today I signed up to a group crit session led by John Wood. In my feedback report, I was told that I would benefit most by talking to more of my peers and gaining more feedback from others. As I am required to sign up to at least one workshop that is on offer next week, I felt the group crit would be the most beneficial. Despite it being the most intimidating !

Below are a few progress photos of my drawing work. The drawing is quite hard to see in photos, but I have completed over half of the outline for the image. After I have decided what glue I want to use, I am planning on using thin paper to quickly sketch what this image would look like filled in (I will just use a pencil to do this), then I will start to draw the image out with sand.