Studying Fine Art allows me to have the freedom to create what I love. Expressing my views through the practise of drawing is an occupation I truly enjoy and is something I wish to pursue in a future career. Currently, my subject matter is architecture. The historical context of the building I am focusing on is both important and motivating to me. I tend to focus on buildings of significance and buildings that are aesthetically pleasing. As an aspiring art therapist, being creative and learning about theories and the history associated with art is important. I have become particularly inspired by theories surrounding the grid and much of my work reflects my research.

My work develops in conjunction with the research I do. With the assistance of my personal tutor and working in a social environment I am introduced to a variation of techniques. Choosing which materials to incorporate in my works depend on the subject I am looking at. Many of my most recent works have involved materials such as wood, sand and paint to reflect the materiality and texture of buildings. Primarily I create drawings and plans which lead on to more textural, 3D pieces. For me, drawing is the foundation of creating, making, and designing.

Inspired by realism, I aspire to develop my technical and accurate drawing skills which I can then apply to creating a body of work with different materials. I am particularly drawn to drawing with fine liner and creating intricate sculptures. Artists Paul Noble and David Moreno have been greatly influential artists throughout the progression of my practise in the last year. In particular, the use of the straight line and laws abiding geometry have been captivating.


Artist Statement