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Today’s Schedule;






Today’s Schedule;

10-10.30= Tutorial with Jenny

10.30-12= Mylar sheets

12-1= Break

1-3.30= Working on stencil pieces, Mylar sheets

3.30-5= Visiting artist lecture/ write up


Photographs of the work I have done today;


Today’s Schedule;

Essay prep/ context folder day;

Today I spent my time writing up my self evaluation form, reflecting on the terms practise ready for my tutorial on thursday. I also made my contents page for my contents folder and organised the work in chronological order. I also added some readings/ documentary notes from the following books and DVD’s to my folder;

‘Anselm Kiefer and the Art After Auschwitz’

‘Cornelia Parker’

‘Imagine…Danger! Cornelia Parker’- DVD

‘What do Artists do all Day?



Today’s Schedule;

10-11= Chatting with my tutor/ peers

11.30- 2= Vising the Holbourne museum

2-5= Finishing stencil on myler



Photographs of finished stencil


  • The stencil is very flimsy, I am not sure if it will hold making that many pieces of work
  • Due to the material being so flimsy and thin, I am worried that if I put glue over the top, it will be difficult to remove the dried glue without breaking the sheet
  • It took 1 and a half days to complete the mylar stencil- quite time consuming


  • Hopefully, if this works, I will be able to make  multiple pieces of work quite quickly (I will test this on monday)
  • Although it has taken nearly two days, it has taken considerably less time than drawing out the image and placing the sand on the drawing by hand. The problems I faced with the sand drawing last year was that I only had one image at the end of it, and it was impermanent. Also, my final image was only visible by video by the time the piece had been destroyed. Video is not a media that I am really comfortable with and I prefer to display works that are physically in front of the viewer as opposed to an image or video

Houlbourne museum pictures;


Today’s Schedule;

9-10.20= Contextual studied photography and it’s fabrication’s lecture

10.20-5= Drawing out Bath Abbey piece on to Mylar with a permanent marker and I began to cut the negative space out with a Stanley knife


Progress photos-


Today’s Schedule;

Working on essay for contextual studies



Today’s Schedule;

11-3.30= Drawing Bath Abbey stencil

3.30-4.30= Visiting artist lecture, Guy Bigland

4.30-5.30= Drawing Bath Abbey stenciil

5.30-6= Break

6-6.30= Blogging/ discussing art show with peers

8-10= Working on self evaluation form/ essay plan for monday



Step 1- drawing out my A2 grid

Step 2- drawing the image onto my A2 grid

Step 3- transfer the drawing onto the Mylar sheet and cut out (Problem= I tried to cut the Mylar with a Stanley knife but ended up slicing through the drawing, so I need to trace the image onto the sheet before cutting it out with the knife. Pencil, biro or fine liner did not show up, so I will need to use a permanent marker pen to do this tomorrow)

After my stencil is complete (hopefully by the end of tomorrow) I can make the stencil for the Fishermans Bastion and make a number of works using sand, iron filings, wood etc.

Below is our exhibition flyer created by other students; (9th December- this has been changed)




Today’s Schedule;

12-5= Studio time-  working on Fisherman’s Bastion drawing/ stencil

5.30-8= Life Drawing Class


Today I decided to take part in a life drawing class at Dartmouth Avenue. As drawing is such an important element in my work, I think it is important for me to at least try this because drawing from a photograph and drawing from life is very different. With a still image, you are more likely to draw accurately. With a time pressure and a model that will move, you have to adapt your style.

The class involved drawing to a time limit. We spent up to 40 minutes at a time drawing the model in a new position. I found that time went incredibly quickly and I had to really push myself to work quickly. I experimented with drawing quite slowly and carefully, and drawing quickly without thinking. Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but I didn’t enjoy the time pressure that we had. I think it made me rush my work and panic.

In my practise, I am very used to drawing linear structures that conform to a system. Drawing a figure was incredibly different and one slightly exaggerated or misplaced line, completely morphed the figure. For this reason, I found it very frustrating. With a building, a slightly lengthened/ widened line is rarely noticed and can quite often enhance the look of the piece. Exaggerated lines and create more drama and emphasise a space. With a figure, I felt it did not have the same effect at all.

Below are some of my drawings, I am glad that I attempted this but clearly I could use some more practise if I am to pursue drawing figures and curves;

They are very out of proportion and too bold in some areas. I much prefer drawing architecture !!!



Today’s Schedule;

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.20- 12= Research into what materials would be best to use to make my next piece

12-1= Break

1-3= Context Folder work

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