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Today’s Schedule:

10.30- 3.30= working on sand/ aluminium sheet piece

3.30-4.30= break

4.30-5= updating blog

5-6= presentation work

6-7= break

7-9= presentation work


Today I started filling in the gaps in my drawing on the aluminium sheet. It started off quite well, but then I began to become frustrated with the sand. It seems that the sand sticks to the aluminium sheet without an adhesive, which requires me to brush off the excess sand each time I do a part of the drawing. This is not a problem and will not effect the final look of the piece, however I have to make sure that the part have just done is dry before brushing off the excess sand, otherwise it spreads across the sheet, and the image becomes distorted.

Another complication I  have found so far, is I am having to put two layers of sand on to the metal, otherwise parts of the metal shine through the parts where sand has been applied. Without doing two layers, it looks quite messy and it’s hard to make out the shapes in the sand.

Below is a quick video I took to show the process of brushing the sand off, the sand is quite static and is hard to get off the metal. Despite this, I do like the way it looks on the metal, but I think I need to do more of it to determine how it will look as a whole. My aim is to have it finished by the end of next week.

Progress photographs:



Today’s Schedule;

8.15- Received a phone call from the RUH with reference to my Alzheimer’s society volunteer training. My training will take place for 2 hours this thursday

10.30-3.30= Transferring image on to aluminium sheet

3.30-4.30= Visiting artist lecture, Ilona Sagar (performance and sound artist)

4.30-6= Break

6-7= Updating blog

7-8= Break

8-10= Presentation work


Below are some photographs of the aluminium sheet. I finished transferring the image on to the sheet today which I am very pleased about. I was a little unsure about whether or not it would transfer clearly, but I was pleased to see a clear image underneath the carbon paper.


Today’s Schedule;

10-12= Visit to the centre of town to pick up materials

12-12.30= Buying a sheet of metal for my sand piece

12.30-1= Break

1-4= Covering the aluminium sheet in carbon paper, transferring image on to the aluminium

4-5= Break

5-6= Presentation work


Today I had a really good day. In town I bought 6 applicator pots that I can fill with glue to apply to the aluminium sheet. I also bought a tiny paintbrush to help me paint the glue in to detailed areas (on my tester pieces, the sand is applied very messily because I did not have a fine enough brush to hand). Further, I bought some black ink to dye my sand to make it a little darker. I dyed it on friday but as it has dried it has turned in to quite a light grey colour. I think it will be difficult to see on the metal, so I have made it darker.

My aluminium sheet is 115cm x 69cm. I have left a 5cm boarder around the edge in case I decided to frame it.

Below are some photographs of my progress;


Today’s Schedule;

Today I have been working on making more samples using paint and sand. After seeking advice from other students, I have decided I need to do a few more samples. I cannot risk starting to create something so large scale and time consuming without being a bit more confident.

I experimented with acrylic paint (black and white only), mixing paint with sand, and mixing black drawing ink with sand. I have decided that I much prefer the black sand. Adding colour adds a whole new element to the piece. I have always worked in black and white and I don’t think I want to lose this.

Below are some photographs;




Today’s Schedule;

Today I worked on my drawing again of the parliament building


I have spent today filling in a little more from my drawing, but I have decided that I am not going to do anymore of this unless I have time.

Below are some photographs;

It has been my task to buy a sheet of metal to start my sand work on this week. However, something is stopping me from starting. I don’t think I am completely happy with the samples I created on the scrap pieces of metal, whether it is the colour of the sand against the metal this is bothering me, or the metal itself, I am unsure.



Today’s Schedule;

11-11.30= Planned a trip to London to visit exhibitions on Friday 16th February

11.30-1= Writing up documents on Gregory Crewdson/ RWA exhibition visit

1-2= Break

2-5= Working on drawing in the studio

5-6= Break

6-7= Gym

7-7.30= Blogging





Today’s Schedule;

10-10.30= Communicating with Poppy/ Newton Park Exhibition details

10.30-12= Updating blog

12-12.30= break

12.30-4= Drawing

4.4.30= Buying materials to experiment with

4.30-5= Walk home



Progress photos;

Last week I received an email from a lady called Poppy. I was asked if I wanted to take part in an exhibition at Newton Park for the arrival of the vice chancellor. I thought this would be a great opportunity to exhibit some work so I responded promptly with 6 images of my work. Today I received a response from Poppy exclaiming that she loves my sketchy drawings that I exhibited at the end of last term. Unfortunately the room that we are exhibiting in, does not allow nails to be put in to the walls, we are not even allowed to use command strips ! So my task for this will be to find frames with stands on so that she can place the work on to mantle pieces. I’m not sure how I feel about the work being presented in that way but I guess it is something different and I will hopefully have my say when I go to put the work up in the space. Poppy has also sent me a form to fill out about the work which I will aim to complete tonight.

As I have one more copy of the drawing of the parliament building, I thought I would use it and colour it in back. I wanted to see what it would look like as a whole when the darker spaces were all filled in.


3 paintbrushes (Daler Rowney size 2, spotter brush, sword brush) for finer details

A pack of 6 applicators for the glue

A paint palette

Command strips

Hole punch


Today’s Schedule;

10.30-12= Professional practise session with Paul Crook

12-1= Experimentation with metal

1-2= Break

2-4= Experimentation with metal



Progress photos;

I really like the way the iron filings look on the aluminium and steel, but I don’t think it makes sense to use that material for the image because they are very industrial materials. Sand makes a  lot more sense to use, but I think it would look best on copper, which is very expensive. I had a look at how much a sheet of copper would be at the size of the drawing and it would cost nearly £100. So my next challenge is to find the right background !


Today’s Schedule;

10-10.30= Tutorial with Andrew

10.30-1= Experimenting with parliament drawing

1-2= Break

2-4= Experimenting with parliament drawing



Today I went to the metal workshop and got a few bits of scrap metal for £2 to play with. I spent all day pretty much, trying to transfer the drawing on to the metal using carbon paper, but it didn’t really work. So I have set up a few experiments to try tomorrow using iron filings and sand on to the metal. Also, I drew more on to the sheet, making notes on what worked well and what didn’t as I went

Progress photos;

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