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Today’s Schedule;

8:20-9= Photographing Milan Cathedral drawing and editing- taking professional photographs for my website and presentation

9-9:45= Making split batons for my next piece of work (sand on mirrored high impact polystyrene)

9:45-11= Deciding what image to use for my final piece/ I spent time editing images that I took in Venice and deciding what dimensions to make it. I chose to use this image;


  • image that shows my vantage point
  • highly detailed
  • high quality image
  • Venice- my most recent trip

11-11:30= talking to the photography technicians about printing an image. I want lots of people to be able to look at this piece at the same time, I want people to have fun with it, so I have chosen to split the image into 4 pieces, each piece being 90 x 60cm.

11:30-12= break

12-5= transferring image onto new piece of HIPS. I am going to make a test piece out of volcanic sand. Below is the image I have chosen to illustrate;


5-5:15= blog update

5:15-6= break

6-7= started transferring my blog posts onto a work document so that I can print it at the end of the term. My blog posts show the progression of my work really clearly, and I want this to be available to see when marked/ at degree show




Today’s Schedule;

9-10:30= Updating website with Florence photographs in Walcot Chapel/ spent time editing these and reorganising the layout of my website.

Sent link to multiple tutors at University for advice

10:30-11:30= Updating website/ signing up for SPA events- Makaton/ updating art Instagram account/ returning books, took out the following;


11:30-12= Break

12-3= Working on drawing of Milan Cathedral

3-3:30= break

3:30-6:30= Working on drawing of Milan Cathedral. Images below;


  • very therapeutic to draw
  • detailed
  • using drawing as a way of discovering what I want to make next- a way of understanding and analysing the structure

6:30-8:30= Break

8:30-9:30= Updating CV for website



Currently, I am waiting for a piece of high intensity polystyrene for my next piece of work. I have this on order, so I have been unable to start practical work this week.

Therefore, I have done the following;

Hired out Walcot Chapel for 3 days and took the following images. I have been playing around with the reflections that my last piece of work Florence receives.

Website session with Paul Crook;

  • working on embedding blog onto website
  • working on adding a logo and link to my instagram art account
  • Grouping work together into projects rather than material
  • Making sure captions for work are consistent
  • Changing name from to Laura Anne Cherry
  • retaking images, resizing files/ improving image quality
  • redoing CV

Working on drawing of Milan cathedral- Fine liner on paper. Images below;


Presentation work !


Today’s Schedule;

Presentation work- professional practise module

  • writing a script
  • editing photos


No bigger than 22 x 15cm

72dpi (dots per inch)



Today’s Schedule;

10:30-12= Going over negotiated work proposal form, reminding myself of my focus

Reading through documents on Minerva regarding the presentation next week

12-12:30- choosing images for next piece

Image below;


  • gold background?
  • beautiful ceiling in the Doge’s palace
  • empowers over you
  • I like the lady standing in the window, adds scale, emphasises the size of the space
  • intricate/ detailed/ unmissable
  • gold leaf??

12:30-1= editing image on photo shop ready for printing



1-4= Plastic sampling/ acrylic mirrored boards, normal mirror and yellow mirror. Photos below;


Email plastic technician for plastic to be cut for Monday or Tuesday morning !

Plastic being used=


4-4:30- hanging previous work on the wall

4:30-5:30= Photographing work for presentation

5:30-6:30= Editing photograph sizes for presentation/ compressing







Today’s Schedule;

Working on context folder!


Today’s Schedule;

10:30-11:30- Putting sand piece on to the wall- unfortunately I discovered that I had made the sand piece on the surface the wrong way around, therefore when it came to hanging, the split batons were the wrong way up and the work could not be hung. Therefore, I had to make another baton and stick it onto the back of the work. I am going to wait for it to dry over night before hanging

11:30-1:30= Working on CV

1:30-2= Break

2-2:30= Working on CV

2:30-3:30= Talking to plastics technician, getting more material for further experiments with volcanic sand.

I got a piece of mirrored acrylic, a lot sturdier than the polystyrene, and a piece of yellow mirrored acrylic


3:30-3:45= Break

3:45-4:30= Careers appointment

4:30-6= Updating CV/ applying for jobs

6-6:15= blogging

6:15-8:30= Break

8:30-9= writing up lecture notes

9-10= working on presentation



Today’s Schedule;

9:30-10= Blog update

10-12= Reading for contextual folder/ reading through handbook, looking for information on the presentations we have to give next week

12-12:30= Break

12:30-3:30= Finishing sand piece. Photographs below;

3:30-5= visiting artist lecture, Tom Woolner

5-6= photographing work for presentation, professional photographs with Nikon

6-6:30= blog update

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