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What I have to today –

  • To support my professional practise module, I booked a careers appointment which I attended today

Thoughts/ summarising points from careers appointment-

  • Since your last appointment you have been thinking more about your course. You’ve spoken to current third years to find out more about how the course is structured and what to expect. You have decided to continue with your studies. You have also identified that having a different personal tutor in your next year of study might be beneficial for you – and you have identified a couple of academics whose creative practice resonates with you. We discussed speaking to Natasha as course leader about the choice of personal tutor for next year.
  • You’ve taken time to really consider Art Therapy as a career option and are still very interested in this as a career route. You’ve found some summer courses on offer by universities as an introduction to art therapy, but these are costly. We discussed the benefit of getting experience working with a range of clients groups and facilitating arts activity (regardless of whether or not it is run by an Art Therapist) in order to build your experience and make a further informed decision about this career route.
  • Through someone you made contact with about Art Therapy, you had an application form to volunteer at Studio Upstairs (Bristol) which offer art workshops for people with mental health issues. We reviewed the information required for the application form including answering a question (50-200 words) about why you want to apply to volunteer at Studio Upstairs. We talked about:
    • Why you are interested in working for Studio Upstairs (review their website and any other communication platforms about what they do)
    • Why you are specifically interested in this opportunity – look back over the job description to identify what aspect of the role really excites you (we talked about ‘working with others’)
    • Why you are suited to the role – think about what you can offer – we talked about making links and connections (e.g. working as part of a team on exhibitions – which also appear to be part of what Studio Upstairs offers its members).


What I have done today –

  • Today the 11 by 11 exhibition began. I attended the opening evening from 2-5 which involved greeting visitors, talking to the other artists and enjoying the acoustic guitarists music who we invited to play with us.
  • I spent the rest of the day in the library, focusing on my presentation which will be on Culture and Money

Photographs from the exhibition opening night;

Thoughts –

  • Listening to peoples opinions of my work at the exhibition opening evening was really interesting. Many people commented on the detail and skill of my work which I was extremely appreciative of. When making my works, I always have the goal of creating a close likeness to the image I am trying to depict, I have a great interest in picking out detail.
  • Having an acoustic player while the exhibition was taking place was a great asset. The house which we exhibited in was quite big, meaning sometimes some of the rooms were really quiet. I think the music really lightened peoples moods and helped people to feel comfortable to approach us as contemporary artists.
  • If we were to do this again, I perhaps would have put up more work. Although I think the exhibition looked great, I think we underestimated how big the area we had really was.
  • We created posters as a group which we put all over the centre of Bath, in shop windows etc. here are a few photos of the development;

The red lettering was inspired by the decor of the house. With the house having red doors etc. we wanted the poster to reflect where we were. Furthermore, the name 11 by 11 was inspired by the 11 artists who exhibited in the exhibition and number 11 Belgrave Terrace, where the exhibition was held.



What I have done today –

  • Today I put up my work for the 11 by 11 exhibition which starts tomorrow. Opening night is from 2-5 and we are all very excited. Below are some photographs of the work I have exhibited and how they are in the space. I did face a few challenges along the way. My matchstick piece has become very fragile as time has gone on and it was a struggle to get the piece up and sturdy. Due to not being able to use nails in the walls or damage the space in any way, I had to use stick on Velcro pockets to support the matchstick piece on the wall. According to instructions, it should be able to hold 16 pounds of weight. My matchstick piece is incredibly light so hopefully it will stay in place ready for the exhibition. I have also decided to exhibit my sketchbook which I will be putting in my locker. I am a little concerned that pieces may drop out or work will get marked but I have been reassured that there will always be someone in the house when the exhibition is taking place to ensure nothing gets damaged, and that the work is supervised. I am excited to see what peoples responses are to the works.


What I have done today –

  • Finished my drawing for the exhibition and assisted the third years
  • Attended a research skills lecture at Sion Hill to improve our skills when researching to support out contextual studies folders. This is apparently something which students do not do enough of at Bath Spa. Furthermore, I will make this a priority to research in year 2.



What I have done today –

  • Helped with the 3rd year studios. Today I spent the day with fellow student Saffron and a different 3rd year who was creating an isolated exhibition space. We had to paint the walls, ceilings and floors, including sanding down the walls, filling in cracks, putting on a door handle, sweeping the area and running errands.
  • We also helped in the sculpture studio painting a board


What I have done today –

  • Today I decided to spend some time on my exhibition work for next week. At the beginning of next week I am taking part in an exhibition in Bath called 11 by 11 on Camden Road. This exhibition is curated and produced by students, all the artists are students and from first year fine art at Bath Spa. Additionally, I am taking part in a second exhibition called Liberation Lockers where each student is given a locker to present work inside. For 11 by 11 I have decided to exhibit my match stick piece alongside a drawing of Bath Abbey. For my locker I have decided to piece together all my work from last year and make a sketch book. I realised that I will not be able to store all my work forever. Furthermore, a sketchbook of samples, photographs and drawings will show the variety of work I have produced and will give others a taster of what my work is like.

My sketchbook –

Due to the fact I gave away some of my favourite pieces. I have decided to make a replica of my Bath Abbey fine liner drawing.



What I have done today –

  • Assisted with the third year studios. Today we got assigned to complete a slightly different job to painting which we did yesterday. We had the job of clearing the studios of unwanted litter and materials and taking it all to the skip. It was a tough job because there was so much that needed taking to the skip, but the studios looked a lot tidier afterwards. Below are some photographs

For next year, I have learned to try to be as tidy as possible by clearing up and taking out rubbish every day. The more it builds up, the harder I will make it for myself at the end of the year. Furthermore, I definitely will not be nailing in to the wall or stapling in to the walls if I do not have to because it is time consuming to take them out and clear them.

I learned how to use the electric trailer which we loaded with rubbish today. This could be useful for the next time I need to transport something across the campus.


What I have done today –

  • Helped out with the 3rd years final degree exhibitions. We helped by painting walls, doors, sweeping the floors, running errands and taking out rubbish. There is a photo below showing how we transformed the walls completely. The wall in this photo was covered in graffiti, paint, oil, it had been stapled and dented. We had to fill in all the gaps with white filler, allow this to dry, then take out all the staples and sand down the wall including excess from the filler. After this, we had to use multiple layers of paint blocker because the oiliness from the wall was seeping through normal paint. After that had dried we coated the wall in emulsion.


  • I spoke to a 3rd year girl today who told me a little bit about what is to come with the course and what University has been like for her. She gave me some general advice and I am learning more about how a studio should be properly cleared and laid out for a degree show. The student described how each year she had focused on a different subject, for instance her practise was initially focused on portraits. The student would study, paint and exhibit portraits. However, for her final year she is focusing on areas that can be argued as forgotten places. Her paintings show very drab and neglected places including shops and petrol stations. She uses paints on canvas and has put up her work at eye level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              She told me a little bit about the course too. I asked what the structure of the course was like and she described the freedom to  create which we have had in first year carrying on throughout University. However, our professional practise module changes slightly, which involves writing more essays, exhibiting work and writing everything up on our website. I feel okay about this because throughout my last term I blogged everything I did as I went. I feel this worked really well for me when It came to reflecting and developing. Furthermore, this would be something I would continue regardless of being told.



What I have done today –

  • Writing up notes
  • Blogging

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