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Today’s Schedule;

7.30- Print out documents of photos to do some more collage work

8.30- In the studio, sign up for Ceramics workshop for Friday 20th

9- Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.30- Collage work with Prague photos

12- Tutorial with Robert Luzar



Unfortunately due to medical reasons I had to leave the studio early. However, to make time I will be in the studio tomorrow and Saturday.

Although I did not quite make it through the whole tutorial with Robert, we discussed some important themes that reoccur in my work. For instance, Frank Gehry’s dancing house was built over an area which was previously bombed, it appears I am always drawn to places that have been destroyed or damaged. The theme impermanence is common in nearly all my work.


  • Explore ceramics, taking patterns from photographs I have taken in Budapest and Prague and incorporating them into practical work- I have a workshop booked for tomorrow at 10.30am
  • Explore match stick models again. At the end of the final term in year 1, I made a match stick stair case, I really enjoyed making the model. This year, I feel inspired to make my own spaces and worlds. I was inspired by a piece of artwork I saw in the DOX Contemporary art museum in Prague where an artist collaborated photographs form Ukraine to make her own space. Furthermore, I read a section from the book ‘Delirious New York’ and the concept that architecture is the cause for civilisation to grow. I like this idea that a building can have so much influence. To begin making my own spaces, I decided to collage some of the photographs I have taken in Prague to make new buildings. From this, I want to use matchsticks again and maybe cast these models/ maquettes I make
  • Close up drawings/ different perspectives- see if life drawing classes are on this year

Progress photos- collage work




Today’s Schedule;

9-11= Blogging/ research/ contextual studies/ artist write ups

11-12= Break

12-3= Collage work

3-4= Break

4-7= Blogging/ research/ contextual studies/ artist write ups



Collage photos



St Nicholas Church-


National Gallery in Prague- The Art of Asia

  • Tibetan Mandala tapestries/ ceramics and models


Franz Kafka Monument

Dancing House- Frank Gehry-

Dancing House Gallery-

The national Gallery-

Dox Contemporary Art gallery

John Lennon Wall




Today’s Schedule;

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.20-11= Break

11-2= Studio Time/ Blogging

2-3= Preparing for Prague



Plan for Prague 13th-16th/ Places to Visit-


Staying Prague 7

Visit Dancing House

Old Town

Petrin Hill

Visit Prague National Gallery

Visit statue of Frank Kafka

Visit Prague Castle

Mala Strana

Astronomical Clock in Old Town Hall

Visit St. Vitus Cathedral

Visit Charles Bridge




Today’s Schedule;

9-2= Studio Time

2-3.30= Break

3.30-5= Visiting Artist Lecture



Progress photos of Fine Liner drawing-

Visiting Lecturer- Andy Jackson

(Minerva description)-

In his painting practice, Andy Jackson develops a visual language edited from subtle interruptions within the urban environment. Physical insertions into street scenes, notably in his 2016 exhibition Paintshop, which was held on the windows of a recently closed down decorators’ merchants, pay homage to the visual richness of their setting. Rather than try to supersede or distract from the environment, Jackson looks to supplement and complement what is already present through process-led paintings that merge self-imposed rules with a degree of chance. The resultant subtly laboured surfaces visually relate to their surroundings whilst retaining a sense of physical detachment. A concern with the relationship between the painted surface and its support can be attributed to the investigations into pictorial flatness that pervades Jackson’s practice. Forms are often embedded into the surface, as if directly cast into the shallow support. This is particularly evident with the introduction of collage elements in recent paintings, scraps of circus flyers for example, the ubiquitous decaying posters of shop fronts and advertising hoardings. Paint may be given the plasticky sheen of vinyl or the abraded surface of sanded plaster. Strips or rods of colour dribble and vary in density, often appearing muddy in their translucency. In some cases, small tab-like marks appear to have been peeled away from elsewhere and applied to the canvas. Often the question is asked how to differentiate; what is printed, what is splodged, what is stuck on, what is woven into the surface.


Further notes are in my context folder from the lecture


Today’s Schedule;

9-1= Studio Time

1-2= Year group meeting in the lecture theatre- Professional Practise briefing

2-3= Break

3-5= Studio Time



Today I decided to work on a fine liner drawing which I started on Saturday. Drawing and practising my skills is very important to me because it acts as a starting point for creation.

I have decided to draw this photo which I took in Budapest at the end of the last term because the complexity of its structure really appealed to me. The contrast of curved lines (domes and windows) against the linear structure of the rest of the building are very beautiful to me. I wanted to practise drawing from a different perspective. A lot of my previous works show a building from a straight forward point of view. By drawing new perspectives, perhaps I will come up with further ideas.

A downfall of doing this is that it is very time consuming.

DSC_0222 (2).JPG



Today’s Schedule;

Studio time- 12-4


5-7= Studio Time



Today I decided to do a bit more practical work because I had to work all day yesterday. After looking back at the work I have produced this week, I wanted to move forward with my practise. I wasn’t as inspired as I thought I would be from creating more paper maquettes. So I decided to develop areas of my practise that I could have developed further last year. In particular, my sand drawing.


Today’s Schedule;

10-6= Work at Apex Hotel


In order to support my studies, I have decided to work once a week this year. I have a part time job in a hotel. Furthermore, I have just planned a trip to go to Prague next weekend to see some of Frank Gehry’s work. In particular, I am interested in seeing;

  • Dancing House- Frank Gehry
  • Museum Montanelli- the next exhibition is called ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ and it is a contemporary art museum
  • Prague National Gallery
  • Futura Project- By the looks of the website, it seems there is a lot based on the word/ typography- this ties in to the contextual lecture I had yesterday
  • Jubilee Synagogue – Not a gallery, but a building that particularly interests me. It’s intricate interior and bright appearance is very appealing

I will be in Prague from the 13th- 16th of October this month


Today’s Schedule:

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrications lecture

10.20-11= Break

11-3= Studio practise

3-4.20= The Shape of Things lecture

4.20-8= Studio Practise



Today I have been feeling quite frustrated with my practise. I reflected on the model I made on Tuesday and I am fearful that I am going back a step, rather than moving forward. Although my model is bigger and more intricate, perhaps I need to branch out. In reflection of this, I have decided to sign up for a ceramics workshop, which will take place on 17th October.

Staying true to creating work everyday, I ended up playing with ink. I began smudging the ink, fingerprinting and pushing the ink in curved lines. I started off making linear marks on the page because a lot of my drawings are very linear and follow the guidelines in a grid. However, I didn’t like how messy the finished drawing was. I felt I didn’t have any control and so I decided to do a second piece of work where the lines were more curved and gestural. I actually think the darkest part of the lines look like finger tips and the elongated lines look like long fingers. I think with loser, more playful materials, drawing in a linear way is almost not possible.

This summer I have truly missed drawing, and I think I have lost my confidence a little. To overcome this, I made myself create artwork today, and I went back to basics and drew a quick perspective piece to get my eye for drawing architecture back. My next task I think will be to draw a detailed piece, perhaps of a photograph I took in Budapest, in order to get the skills of drawing back.

Below are some of the works I completed today;

1st and 2nd pieces using printing ink

The first simple line drawing is just practising using a vanishing point and drawing. The second piece on the top right, is where I started to add charcoal in a linear way. The final piece expresses my frustration and I ended up very quickly and loosely drawing over the outline of the drawing. The way it smudged and swayed from the lines caused me to do this.


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