This slideshow shows the Liberated Locker exhibition I took part in from 26th-29th May 2017.

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The Liberated Locker exhibition was a more fun, contemporary example of how I have exhibited my works. Originally, the lockers were meant to be placed in front of the crescent. However, due to a high fee asked of us to do this, we had to change our plans and exhibit our lockers on University grounds. Despite this, the lockers gained lots of attention due to students at Sion Hill having a shared interest in art.

In this exhibition, I showed my sketchbook which I also showed at 11 by 11. The sketchbook contains, drawings, prints, photographs, etchings etc. which I have created throughout the last year. I placed my locker next to a bench for one of the days. Noticing how lovely the weather was, I wanted to encourage people to sit outside. Having the book in the locker next to the bench was my way of tempting people. Later on, all the artists lockers were placed together and exhibited as a group.