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Sand on paper, 59.4cm x 84.1cm, 2016, Bath Spa University

The above compilation of images reveals the process of making my sand piece of Bath Abbey. The link below shows the final video piece I created.

After researching into the history of Bath and its architecture I felt inspired to create a piece that spills with history. I became most interested in the Bath Blitz which affected the town in April 1942. I used various photographs I found which were taken before the Abbey was affected and combined them with photographs I had taken of the Abbey today. With the influence of traditional Tibetan sand painting methods, and my interests in architecture, this piece is an example of my current practise at University. The piece acts almost as a memorabilia for the city. I wanted people to remember the cities beautiful architecture and to recognise and appreciate what architecture remains. Furthermore, the process of wiping away the image represents the feeling of loss which would have affected many during the war. The main themes which I explore are impermanence, history and beauty.