What I have done today –

I took out the ice block of samples I made yesterday and observed the changes made to the materials, for instance the ink bleeding, solidity of the wood and thread, bold colour remaining on the acrylic paint. Below is a photograph

Began to read Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams book- finding it really interesting reading about the techniques of taking part dreams and analysing them. I found an old dream diary of mine and have been reading back the dreams from the last few years

I read the following book review –


Attended a staff talk on Rosie Snell

Thoughts on today –

  • I enjoyed seeing what the ice had done to the materials. I love ice as a material to use for a piece and I like the idea of using the material and have it as a live performance, melting in front of the audience. The piece would be constantly changing and emphasising the topic of impermanence which I had visited before in my practise
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Rosie Snell’s staff talk. She was engaging when speaking and really got me interested. It was really refreshing to see a painter talking about their work. I like to paint, love to draw and have been waiting for someone to talk about how they have used a media like that for contemporary practise. A lot of my work is described as dull and I get the impression people believe it is too traditional. Furthermore, I feel less afraid to draw, print and paint. Additionally it was interesting that her more recent work was to do with ice and extreme environments because I would like to explore with ice more and find ways of using it in my practise